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Rural Tourism

Quinta de Luou is located 6 km from the exit of the A3 motorway (Porto-Vigo), 30/40 minutes from the beaches of Cabedelo, Afife, Moledo, and Âncora (45/55 km on expressways), and at the same distance from Ponte de Lima and Ponte da Barca (8 Kms), where there are all the necessary support services, such as restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies or hospitals.

Quinta de Luou is located in the place of Luou, Parish of Santa Cruz, Municipality of Ponte de Lima, and to it owes the origin of its name. The first references to the Quinta date from the 18th century and associate it with the Morgado da Casa do Fundão, in Loureira (Vila Verde).

However, as early as 1515, in the foral of Beiral do Lima, it is referred to as “Fernão de Luou”.

One of Quinta’s activities is tourism, having over the last few years two houses have been recovered:

– the main house of the farm (Casa de Luou) and

– one rustic house (Casa do Tanque).

In addition to tourism and wine production, Quinta de Luou is dedicated to forest exploration and animal husbandry.